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An AJP Motorcycles Dealer

If you wish to purchase an AJP Motorcycle, please contact us.

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Stafford Motorcycles are proud to be an official AJP Premier dealers. We currently have the PR7 adventure available as a demo bike.

If you wish to to test ride the PR7 please contact uscle, please contact us.


Compact, light, easy to use and affordable

Suitable for all riding abilities, the PR3 is available in Enduro or Supermoto specification, with a Pro version for riders that require more sophisticated suspension.

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Taking the concept of enduro leisure to new levels

The PR4 is perfect for riders wanting a more focused off-road experience and features a similar design to the popular PR3, with a larger chassis.


Proven DNA with refined technology and performance

The PR5 250 introduces a refined four vavle, water cooled, 6 speed, fuel injected engine. It's technology delivers strong, useable performance in a superb handling package.

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Redefining the adventure bike concept

Whether on a weekend trail ride or a trans-continental trip, the PR7 is in a class of it's own and redefines the adventure bike concept.

Please Contact Us if you wish to purchase an AJP bike